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Mural delegated to Paul Brenneker

Acrylic paint on the wall, 2019

Mural delegated to Paul Brenneker.

Paul Brenneker (1912-1996), was a socially involved father of the Order of Dominicans who arrived more than half a century before his death in a country of which he had no knowledge whatsoever. Brenneker felt very well that it is important to speak the language of the population and learned that quickly. Because of this close involvement, his interest in history, culture, traditions and nature of the windward islands grew. Together with his friend, folk philosopher, artist and poet Elis Juliana (1927 - 2013), he collected all kinds of possible sources to record the culture and history as much as possible: Between 1969 and 1975, Father Brenneker published a ten-part book series called Sambumbu. Together with Elis Juliana he hosted a daily radio broadcast.

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