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Performance, Bijlmer Parktheater

I was growing up in Belarus, a republic of the former Soviet Union. The fact that I came from the country with the totalitarian past and present determines my artistic position. The problem of freedom of an individual in the system of control became one of the main interests in my artistic practice. The current project also was inspired by personal memories from the 1990's. During that time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, reassessment of the society in general and ideological values came about. In the times of the fundamental changes within my country, I went through the personal transition myself, reconsidering my set of values and the way of thinking. After going through a crisis (on the global and personal scale) and have survived such as a crucial point, I have developed an interest to analyze critical moments/ border situations. In my recent project under working title 'Rise up, My love!', which I have started working in reflecting on presentment of the general global crisis situation. I have started this project by collecting material, visual and audio elements before the world crisis reveal itself. The title and the text I took from the Song of Songs, Solomon, Chapter 2, 12-14. During the work on the project I became friends with some refugees from Syria, that recently moved to Europe in order to escape the war in their country. Our discussions motivated me to choose an Arabic language as a language for performance I approach crisis situations not just from a negative point of view, like a moment of collapse - but also like a moment of honesty, when the real condition of society or individual comes to the surface. I also would like consider this moment in time also to be a moment for a new opportunities and an opening towards new perspectives. , 2015

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