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So Far Yet So Close

Acrylic paint on the wall, dimensions variable , 2022

Two exhibitions are the part of an English-language festival So Far, Yet So Close that will took place at De Balie on the 21st of May, 2022. In collaboration with Belarusian journalists, activists and artists De Balie presents So Far, Yet So Close: a full-day programme including talks, film and art. 

For the exhibitions at Arti et Amicitiae and De Balie I realised again an installation 'NO, this cannot happen! PART II, Story of the Wife. In the project ‘Raised from the death’ ( 2004-05) I focus on the power of our statement. The project is about a story of a Nigerian pastor Daniel, who was fatally injured in a car accident and was later pronounced dead. His wife did not want to accept his death.
Part II, bused on the testimony of the wife of Daniel, presented in form of the book, the diary, where woman talking her monolog, everything she went through, and installation. In this part of the project I focus on the importance of the text. The text from being part of the drawing becomes an image itself. I based my concept on the verse from the gospel of John, chapter 1; 1-4 and  14.

And the Word became a flesh’.
Very important moment of transformation from invisible world into visible, the word what have been spoken found its shape in material world, became a substance, which can change the circumstances. The boldness of woman and her fighting spirit was an inspiration for me in this project. I realised this project in 2005-06.

But after 24.02.2022 this project become an actual for me again.

Every day we wake up and we look at the news, and sometimes we can feel paralysed and silenced in the face of the evil and terror. But despite all circumstances I chose to raise my voice and say out loud  ‘No!’- no to the war, no to the oppression, no to the death.

© Lena