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Story board for the Project

Part II of the project 'Raised from the Dead' bused on the testimony of the wife of Daniel, presented in a form of the book, the diary, where woman talking her monolog, every thing she went through, and installation. In this part of the project I focus on the importance of the text. The text from being part of the drawing becomes the image. I bused my concept on the verse from the gospel of John I -1-4 And John I- 14 ''And the Word became a flesh". Very important moment of transformation from invisible world to visible, the word what have been spoken found its shape in material world, became a substance, which can change the circumstances. In this story the woman confronts her helpless situation and is able to stand up and declare the words of faith. Boldness of the women, breaking through human limitations and her fighting spirit was an inspiration for me in this project. For me this is a certain way to deal with totality of life –breaking down the borders of limitation – first in art–after in real life , 2005-06

© Lena